Swedish Flower Chickens
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My name is Sanne and I have kept ducks and chickens for the past eight years.

The fascination with Swedish Flower Chickens started when a Swedish friend told me about her visit to a little homestead where they kept a rare old, Swedish chicken breed.

I fell in love with this amazing breed and being Scandinavian, I decided to keep just a few chickens from my part of the world.

After some considerable research, I found an expert, local breeder who helped me establish my flock of happy, healthy purebred Swedish Flower Chickens, here in the UK.

Tucked away in 20 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, the chickens are allowed to run free in our wild flower meadows and gardens. Because our farm is not easily accessible, the hens are made available from a couple of dedicated, excellent stockists.

My overall objective is to keep the breed exactly as it has been over the past 300 years! No selective improvement of any of the breed characteristics which invariably affects the originality of the breed.

Hopefully, this lovely, historic breed may continue to delight chicken fanciers in the future.